There is more than weddings. Of course - it is a huge part of my life

but who ever said no to an adventure?


And to be honest. There is (almost) always space for spontanity. I never book my calender full because some of the most beautiful things in my life were not planned.

So if you have an idea or consider to book a shoot -

let's talk!

The core of my business

Wedding Reportages

I spend a lot of time during the season (May till October) with traveling and capturing beautiful moments and stories. These dates are super limited BUT there are days which are requested more than others. I usually book weddings only one year in advance and a lot of things happen spontaneous. If you have a few things set up already, let's talk see where it goes. Being late with planing is not a bad thing.

After Wedding Shootings

Something that's super underestimated in my opinion.

On your wedding day you are super limited to the location of your pictures. The best light for taking pictures is during sunrise or sunset - and you want to take pictures during that time. So how about driving for an hour, leaving your guests at the location? That won't happen - right?

How about making an adventure out of it -

sometime after your wedding day.

Climbing a mountain, jumping on the plane, travel somewhere nice and create something as special as your wedding day?

I love to have an adventure and do things which might sound stupid in the first place, because that will be the moments we remember in years.

Couple Shoots

You grow together, you influence each other and there are sunny and cloudy times. Time to hold on for a second and capture the depth of your relationship. It's not only nice to have pictures of each other but also great to capture that feeling. Be who you are and take care of memories.

I love to capture that at your home, your most intimate space where you can wear whatever you want, be who you are and listen to the music you feel like but of course there are plenty other possibilites as well.


Is there a more important question in life than asking your partner if he/she wants to spend the rest of your life together? It might be a story you will tell your grand children about but what if you have some pictures or videos to tell the story even better and make it more rememberable?

I would be so stoked to be a part of it!

Because video is even deeper.


There is a deep love for video in my life - and it's growing more and more. Pictures make moments rememberable but videos take you just on another level. I've started to capture wedding videos but I am also open to everything else. How about a Family videoportrait? How about getting on vacation with you for a few days and make a vlog?

Let's be creative!

Let's create memories together!

And there is even more. These are only the most common ideas. If you wanna create something - just get in touch and let's talk! There is no bad timing, let me know your story, get me hyped and let's do it!

Oh yes.