About Martin

I have never been someone who was really good in school. My attention was always somewhere else - mostly in being creative and creating. Weddings are perfect for that. Each wedding is unique. I don't like to shoot at the same location too often, it doesn't spark my mind and therefore I love to challenge myself and see new places, meet new people and capture weddings at new places. I am always trying to document the wedding in the most real way possible with unique pictures. I don't like to tell you what you have to do. It is your wedding, not my photoshoot.

I love to create. to live a life full of adventures. always trying to be the best version of myself.

You should enjoy your day and notice just a few weeks later - oh there are pictures of our wedding! That would be my dream. In reality it's a little different. For sure you will notice me and that's why it's more important than anything that we connect. The more we build a relationship before the wedding, the better the pictures will turn out.

So let's grab a Gin tonic, pizza or have an adventure and get to know each other!

Chances are high that you hear from literally everyone how your wedding should be - I just would say one thing: Make it yours. There is no must for anything. It should be one of the greatest days, where you celebrate the love to your partner with your friends - it's simple.

Do that: Cry, Laugh, Smile and Party. A lot.

I like to capture your day how it is. Rawr, nothing staged or directed from me.

How great can life be? Let's celebrate that!




What makes you happy?

How you make

me happy?



Good Coffee

Photography is over everything. Nothing makes me more happy than creating, but these things here are also really high rated in my life.


SINCE MID - 2020. If you follow my instastories you might have seen. it escalated a bit.

Home barrista alert! it all started with a journey through different coffee farms in panama in 2011.


Mountain or Ocean? I would always choose the Ocean for Vacation but need the Mountains at least once a month.

I am not the one who likes travelling alone. i am a moment sharer.


It's time to grow up. Getting Married and being a dad. Some new serious steps happened the last months. I feel your excitement for life!

Picture by Oats & Coffee

Two weeks in the desert

We slept in a tent. No celluar Data for about a week. Just the desert, a few cars and enjoying the simpleness of life.