India I

10. Februar 2015

The first plan arriving in India was : a jump in the ocean. But, not so fast folks – our luggage was stuck in Dubai and we got there before our things did, so soon enough we learned how to properly tie a Lungi after they saw me trying to at least keep it around my waist without falling. A Lungi is the typical outfit of every respectful south Indian man.

We of course got to enjoy the water next day – this time with proper swimwear!

Three days later we took a short flight to Chennai (which without a comment was delayed for a whole hour) and from there on, after a really long time of trying to look for our driver in between 100 of other indian men waiting in front of the airport , we had another 3 hours taxi drive directing us to Auroville (France meets India), a little international Community.

No Wifi. A Bollywood-Shoot. Abandoned Beaches. A Fish-pedicure. With the scooter through little villages with crowded and uneven streets and so much more were our plans for the next days.